on August 24, 2018 News

Made of Ballarat - Showcasing our artisans

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DISCOVER why Ballarat is a hive of artisanal wonder and experience the city's rich creativity first-hand as part of a new project that launched this week.

Entitled Made of Ballarat, the innovative campaign showcases the city’s artisans, makers and creators through documentaries, storytelling, creative events and publications, enticing people to visit Ballarat and experience a getaway filled with culture, enrichment, indulgence and adventure.


From handmade porcelain ceramic makers to winemakers and charcuterie butchers, knife makers to cocoa connoisseurs and woodsmiths, the campaign explores the lifetime passions of many talented locals who represent the wider artisan culture in Ballarat.

According to Visit Ballarat chief executive officer Noel Dempsey, Made of Ballarat celebrates the city’s new generation of creators, makers and artisans – those who are challenging the status quo and inspiring positive change while staying true to the rich cultural history that Ballarat is indeed made from.


“Ballarat has always been known as a city laden with history, but it’s mostly locals that truly appreciate the creative energy that exists, and has always existed, here," he says.

"We wanted to demonstrate that there is an undercurrent of creativity, productivity and craftsmanship that pervades our region.

“We are encouraging the curious and experimental cultural connoisseurs to escape the city life and indulge in a unique regional experience. Made of Ballarat has been designed with Ballarat’s true essence in mind - we are the place where progressive artisans create earthly riches.”

To experience the movement for yourself, make sure to visit the website, read the stories and book your spot at one of the upcoming creative workshops. Spaces are limited, so get in quick!