on February 08, 2017 Eat and drink

Where to find some of the country's best hot chocolate

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WANT to know where to find some of the best hot chocolate varieties in Australia? Look no further.

Craig McKenzie and his wife Sophie always had a soft spot for the ‘hot choc’ drinkers in cafes.

“These people deserved better,” Craig says.

“We come from a coffee and wine background but noticed that people who drank hot chocolates were the forgotten people in the cafe world.

“They were often drinking cheap, generic, so-called hot chocolate mixtures made with a small amount of inferior cocoa from who-knows-where and choc-full of other fillers.”

BRT Full Size-Grounded Pleasures-6792.jpg

And so the idea for Grounded Pleasures was conceived – blends of chocolate goodness that create hot drinks worth writing home about. Think Vanilla Bean, Cinammon Spice, Chilli Infused, French Mint and Sicilian Orange.

“I knew that cocoa was grown in so many great places around the world, but we got to taste so few of them,” Craig says.

“My aim was to search out these amazing cocoas and bring them in their purest form, to these neglected hot chocolate drinkers.”

BRT Full Size-Grounded Pleasures-6804.jpg

Sourcing cocoas from small growing regions and co-ops in Ghana, Tanzania and Ecuador, Chai spices from Sri Lanka and India, and vanilla beans from nothern Papua New Guinea, Grounded Pleasures make for the most authentic tasting hot drinks.

Craig says the blends contain lots of great cocoa, a touch of Australian cane sugar and “nothing else”.

“We let the great origins of the cocoa shine in the mouth, much like coffee or fine wine.

“Our products are vegan friendly, gluten free and dairy free and are all about flavour.”

To make these pleasures even more worthwhile, the company donates at least 5 per cent of profits to its grower communities as a way of saying thank you for the “joy that they give us”.

“We hope that each of our blends provides customers the joy of the simple pleasure of a sumptuous cup of hot (or iced) chocolate, and a journey in each mouthful.”

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