on February 08, 2017 Eat and drink

When coffee, craft and kids combine

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WANT to settle down for a coffee without the kids driving you insane? We’ve got just the place.

Ballarat’s I Made It, Creative Cafe allows parents the rare chance to settle down for a coffee and some home-made goodness while the little tikes express their creativity.

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I Made It owner Carolyn Love said she always wanted to combine her love for art, craft and cooking.

“I had a teacher at university ask me what I would do if I never had to work again in my life,” Carolyn says.

“My answer was to get back involved with my art, craft and cooking and several years later I had the vision of I Made it, Creative Cafe.”

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And so it was. Several years later, I Made It opened in Ballarat, offering something for everyone and every ability.

From country-style food options including roast, lasagna and Shepherd’s Pie to delectable treats such as sponge, pavlova, yo yos and golf balls, this place will satisfy the most diverse taste buds.

“We also have our Creative Zone where you can let your imagination run wild with candle making, painting and even cupcake decorating. There’s so much to do for everyone,” Carolyn says.

“It’s important for everyone to have a creative outlet, especially young children. It gives them an opportunity to explore different mediums, get messy and mums and dads don’t have to worry about cleaning up. They can sit back and relax with a coffee, or join in and have some fun too.”

And that’s just what we want to hear. Amirite parents?

I Made It, Creative Cafe is located at 113 Albert St, Sebastopol. For more information, visit their Facebook Page.