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The newest additions to Ballarat's food scene

A NEW year brings with it some new and very exciting arrivals in the Ballarat hospitality world. Think deluxe fried chicken, think artisan pies, think...

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Your Ballarat Beer Festival Weekend sorted

THE BALLARAT Beer Festival is returning to the city for another year, so why not make a weekend of it?

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The newest eateries in Ballarat

IF it's been a while since you made your way to Ballarat, you might want to hit the highway pronto and seek out some of these new kids on the culinary...

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Where to find the best vegetarian meals in Ballarat

HERE'S one for the oft-forgotten vegetarians and vegans in the house!

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Where to find the perfect cup of inner city coffee

BALLARAT'S cafe offering is well on the way to becoming on-par with its city counterparts. Find out some of the top inner city spots to get your Melbo...

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Underbar - Ballarat's delectable hatted eatery

THE NAME itself means "delectable, divine, gorgeous, great, lovely, marvelous, wonderful". But if that's not enough to convince you that Underbar is w...

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Unearthing truffles

There’s something quite special about truffles; their rarity, uniqueness of flavours and history, and whether you like them or not, the process of har...

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The Red Series - Celebrating our top drops

THE Ballarat Mining Exchange is set to transform into a haven of winter wine as part of The Red Series festival.

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5 of the best Warming Ballarat Drinks

AS THE weather cools down, it becomes necessary to find creative (and delicious) ways to warm up your heart, soul and body. Here are five of Ballarat'...

Eat and drink

Your guide to a winter of culinary delights in Ballarat

WINTER is all about cosying up by the fire with hearty soups, soul-warming red wine, wholesome fare and hot chocolates.