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Eat and drink plate up

A Shared Dining Experience

Growing up in his parents' restaurant, José Fernández was always around food, wine and culture - elements that contributed significantly to his identi...

Eat and drink

5 ways you can unearth the Pyrenees

FIND out how you can stimulate all five of your senses at the annual Pyrenees Unearthed Wine + Food Festival - set to take place on April 21.

Eat and drink

Your two day Plate Up itinerary

Ballarat will transform into a grazing table of food, wine and craft brews as part of the inaugural Plate Up Ballarat. Running throughout the month of...

Eat and drink

5 ways to enjoy Plate Up Ballarat

THERE'S close to 40 events set to take place in May as part of the Plate Up Ballarat food festival. Here's how to make the most out of the experience.

Eat and drink

Native tastes - the Saltbush story

Plate Up Ballarat will give guests the opportunity to indulge in a whole range of flavours from the western region, not excluding bush foods and spice...

Eat and drink

Where to find the perfect cup of inner city coffee

BALLARAT'S cafe offering is well on the way to becoming on-par with its city counterparts. Find out some of the top inner city spots to get your Melbo...

Eat and drink

5 reasons to wine and dine in Ballarat

WE asked some of Ballarat's top chefs and winemakers about the local food and wine scene and they came up with five reasons why you should dine here.

Eat and drink

Where to have the ultimate dining experience

BALLARAT'S inner circle of restaurants and eateries will join forces next month for a celebration of the region's food and wine, and you have the chan...

Eat and drink

Your Ballarat Beer Festival Weekend sorted

THE BALLARAT Beer Festival is returning to the city for another year, so why not make a weekend of it?

Eat and drink

The perfect way to venture through the Pyrenees wineries

WE'VE got a perfect way for you to venture through the Pyrenees Wine Region's Halliday Wine Companion wineries.