on February 14, 2017 White Night


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AMIDST the colour and wonder of White Night Ballarat, a unique story of redemption, honour and renewal will be told.

 The story features as part of a collaboration between Ballarat’s renowned Pitcha Makin’ Fellas and White Night veterans The Electric Canvas.

Entitled More Than 1 Nation, the project will see stunning patterns and colours from the Fellas’ artworks transposed onto the former Bank of NSW building.

Pitcha Makin’ Fellas coordinator Peter Widmer said the projection constructed a visually beautiful tale of redemption, honour, triumph and renewal from a history that included cultural misappropriation and degradation by European colonists.

“Even though we are from different mobs from all over the country, Ballarat is our adopted home,” the Fellas said.

“We enjoy our artwork being a part of White Night Ballarat because it allows us to really include our community in the celebration of the stories we tell; because it’s their stories as well.

“It’s a privilege to show our work on such a big stage to so many people and it’s about time country people got to see something this flash.”

The Pitcha Makin Fellas are a deadly mob of independent men who are passionate about their community and culture.

Coming together on a regular basis to write and paint, the group cooperatively expresses a strong and necessary presence for themselves, their community and their history.

Having had their work featured as part of White Night Melbourne, Peter said he hoped More Than 1 Nation demonstrated that people from different backgrounds and skill levels could work together to tell stories that helped people understand modern Australia and its history.

“Art brings the Indigenous community together, lets stories be told and helps new friendships to be made,” he said.

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