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White Night

A night of light and music - our White Night top picks

THE options available to you this White Night can get overwhelming. Here, we attempt to digest all the wondrous offerings and give you a starting poin...

White Night

A White Night Ballarat family itinerary

Explore the wonder that is Ballarat as the city becomes illuminated in a kaleidoscope of light, movement and sound as part of White Night.

5 things to do during your White Night Ballarat visit

W hite Night Ballarat will present you with the perfect opportunity to explore the gems that lie hidden across Ballarat and surrounds. Here is our lis...

White Night

4 reasons you should head to white night ballarat

Here are four reasons why you need to visit Ballarat for White Night, according to festival director David Atkins.

See + Do

A weekend of food, art and culture

WE'RE going to tell you exactly how you should spend your White Night Ballarat weekend.

Eat and drink

Where to find the perfect cup of inner city coffee

BALLARAT'S cafe offering is well on the way to becoming on-par with its city counterparts. Find out some of the top inner city spots to get your Melbo...

Six things to discover in small-town Creswick

CRESWICK itself is a township that is full to the brim with charm and you’ll find plenty to see and do during your next stay.

6 things to do at the ballarat begonia festival

THE Ballarat Begonia Festival is fast approaching, and here's how we think you should spend the weekend.

See + Do

Your Ballarat gallery trail

THERE'S no denying Ballarat is home to one of regional Australia's most vibrant arts scenes, and here's how you can experience it for yourself.

Eat and drink

5 reasons to wine and dine in Ballarat

WE asked some of Ballarat's top chefs and winemakers about the local food and wine scene and they came up with five reasons why you should dine here.