on May 15, 2019 plate up

More than 5000 Plate Up Ballarat tickets sold

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CLOSE to 50 Plate Up Ballarat events have sold out at the halfway point of the month-long feast.

We spoke to Plate Up event manager Bonnie White to find out what's on the menu for the rest of May.

What has the response been to Plate Up so far?
"It has been fantastic — 44 events have sold out to date and the feedback is there has been something for everyone. So far, over 5000 people have attended or are attending an event. Many venues sold 100 toasties in the first week. We have had over 100 votes for the toasties, with a couple of front runners. So we encourage everyone to get their votes in for their favourite toastie." 

Which events have been standouts for you? And any standout dishes? 
"I went to the Vino Veloce event at Mitchell Harris on Saturday night and it was a great way to meet so many amazing winemakers. I also loved the Chilli Fest and I love The Lamb Handful toastie at The Forge — I think that's because Meredith goat's cheese is a favourite of mine!" 

Which upcoming events are you most looking forward to?
"I am really looking forward to the Retro Lunch at Tuki Trout Farm on Saturday, May 18. Other not-to-be-missed events include:

  • Seafood by the Lake at Pipers by the Lake (May 17);
  • The Ballarat Foundation's Food for Thought Series II: Little Italy (May 18);
  • Golden City Hotel's Sunday Roast on the Balcony (May 19);
  • A Night of Decadence at Bibo Cafe (May 23);
  • Ballarat Heritage Weekend's Coffee Exchange by Mr Black (May 25);
  • Freight Bar & Restaurant's Bottomless Lunch (May 26);
  • Goldfields Farm to Table at RACV Goldfields Resort (May 26);
  • Beer, Beef and Bourbon at The Red Lion (May 28);
  •  Ultimate Truffle Toasties at Black Cat Truffles (May 31); and
  • The Farmers Arms Creswick's Food in Fashion (May 31).

What makes Plate Up so special in your eyes?
"That we get to work with so many people — from businesses to hospitality to producers  and also the sense of pride that it creates in the community."