on May 16, 2018 Sovereign Hill

Fashion exhibition showcases trends of yesteryear

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A NEW fashion exhibition at Sovereign Hill's Gold Museum will provide a glimpse into the fashion trends of decades gone by.

Entitled A Victorian Silhouette, the exhibition draws on the Gold Museum’s incredible collection of more than 3000 original Victorian garments and accessories, shown alongside reproductions made by Sovereign Hill’s Costume Department, highlighting the craftsmanship in recreating Victorian-era fashion.

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Gold Museum curator Snjez Cosic says the exhibition would feature 19th century dresses and accessories worn by some of the goldfields' most iconic figures.

She said the show would also explore the role of women in the Victorian era, between 1837 and 1901.

“Female clothing in the Victorian era reflected the role and status of women in society," Snjez says.

"Wealthy and middle class women wore more decorative and elaborate clothing, while the outfits of their working counterparts were simpler. 

“With costume one of the most recognisable aspects of Sovereign Hill’s interpretation of life on the Victorian goldfields, this exhibition provides visitors with a fantastic opportunity to understand how fashion and women’s roles were defined by the Victorian era.”

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Visitors will have the chance to get a glimpse inside Sovereign Hill's costume department workroom and discover the behind-the-scenes workings. A special film titled A Victorian Silhouette will also be screened, providing a glimpse into the secrets of the 1850s hourglass silhouette.

With plenty of photo opportunities, including the chance to don your very own goldfields-inspired bonnet, or admire some elegant and exquisitely-crafted homewares and accessories, this exhibition will have you in awe at the details and intricacies of yesterday's fashion and craftsmanship.

A Victorian Silhouette runs at the Gold Museum from May 18 to November 4