on February 08, 2017

Ballarat's best burgers

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WANT to know where to find some of the best burgers in town? Hello Ballarat guest blogger Ballarat Eats has the low down.

 A flat, rounded cake of premium beef served in a golden brioche bun filled with melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon, onion, pickles and condiments of mustard, tomato ketchup and secret house sauce make up one of our go-to meals when eating out on the town. The Burger. And where do you find the best in Ballarat you may ask? We share with you some of our FAVS here:

1. THE MALLOW (@themallow)

Here’s a succulent burger that satisfies all. Decent in size the Mallow Beef Burger may require more than two hands to eat with (we love a burger that forces us to use a knife and fork). The cooked-to-perfection beef pattie is served with egg, caramelised onion, bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce and relish. It’s one for all the burger lovers and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed. And the fries? Just as amazing.

2. ROUND THE WAY BAGELS (@round_the_way)

Do not be deceived by the name, these guys know how to do a good burger. One of our favourites is the Brooklyn Burger. 100% Angus beef, crisp streaky bacon, melted American cheddar, pickles, onion and their house sauce. Yep we know, we can’t stop drooling either. These bad boys can be served with your choice of potato gems, mac and cheese or bacon and parmesan popcorn.

BRT 2400px-Round the Way-0145.jpg

3. GRILL’D (@grilldburger)

We know, we know, franchises aren’t anywhere near as good as the independents but in this case Grill’d is the exception.  You may be surprised but our go-to burger at Grill’d is the Garden Goodness. One for the vegetarians out there or even those that need a break from meat, this is a must. The delicious menu item is made with a premium quality veggie pattie, beetroot, tasty cheese, avocado, salad, relish and herbed mayo. And that herb mayo is to die for.  Order with a side of chips and one of their signature dips (our fav is sweet chilli mayo).

4. GRIFFIN BURGER (@griffinburger)

The hardest part of your visit Griffin will be deciding which burger to order – there are so many! We like to go with the classic Cheese Burger. Don’t be disappointed by our choice, this burger is full of flavour. The beef pattie, American cheddar, tomato ketchup, mustard and pickles combo is a real winner. Ordering chips with your burger? A fun addition to your Griffin burger experience is their ‘salt station’ which has a large range of seasonings for you to add to your sides.


This one is for all those burger lovers out there that are up for a challenge. The Epic Burger has four beef patties, four slices of cheese, four bacon rashers, two crispy hash browns, salad, crispy battered onion rings, Nana`s tomato sauce and aioli. If that doesn’t fill you it is served with a basket of their famous crinkle fries and a thick-shake. Nail the lot in 30 minutes while dining in and you’ll make their hall of fame.

BRT 2400px-Hop Temple-9454.jpg

We can also highly recommend:

6. Yellow Espresso (@yellowespresso)
7. Hop Temple (@hoptemple)
8. Hamburger Cart
9. Ballarista (@cafeballarista)

Enjoy burger lovers xx