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Your Ballarat gallery trail

THERE'S no denying Ballarat is home to one of regional Australia's most vibrant arts scenes, and here's how you can experience it for yourself.


The Presenter

SHE’S one of the most recognised faces on Australian television, so it’s no surprise that I was feeling a certain sense of apprehension upon my meetin...

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5 things you didn't know about Ballarat's Botanical Gardens

BALLARAT'S Botanical Gardens are a wonder in their own right - glowing with vivid florals, rich history and stunning surrounds. But there's much more ...

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4 ways to explore the Ballarat Botanical Gardens

BALLARAT'S Botanical Gardens are comprised of more than simply flowers and trees. Here are four ways to properly explore all that this local gem has t...


the ballarat begonia festival - a brief history

BALLARAT'S begonias have attracted travellers from all over since the flower first arrived here in the late 19th century. But why? What's all the fuss...

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10 hidden Ballarat parks and swim spots to explore this summer

Ballarat and surrounds is full of beautiful hidden gems, swimming holes and stunning parklands to discover.


The Meat Maker

MEET the (meat) man behind Ballarat's very own Salt Kitchen Charcuterie.


The Influencers

As Holly Titheridge enters Ballarat’s iconic Mitchell Harris Wine Bar, her sense of glamour, elegance and style permeates the space.


Meet Ruby

It's a drizzly winter’s day. The roads are glistening in the rain’s afterglow, and the dense eucalyptus trees make me feel right at home. (The fact th...

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Top 7 spaces to catch live music in Ballarat

BALLARAT is one of regional Australia's most bustling arts and cultural destinations. Here are our top picks for a getaway filled with music and enter...