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A special space of gems, jewels and sparkles

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THERE’S a quaint little jewellery shop in the centre of Ballarat that takes the concept of adornment to a whole new level, and as soon as you open its doors, you know you’ve entered something special.

The boutique in question is titled Gems and Jewels and is renowned for creating bespoke jewellery and exquisitely-crafted gems that do more than add a bit of sparkle to your life. 

According to creative director Suzy Allan, G&J aims to provide its customers with an uplifting and re-energising experience. Whether you buy anything or not is irrelevant.

“You are in here for a reason and this is a very sacred space. There are ceremonies done in here everyday and there have been a lot of (happy) tears shed here in the past,” Suzy says.

“If you were to purchase something, it would be talismanic and you would feel connected to it straight away. We don’t need to convince you of anything.”

G&J has been creating fine jewellery since 1985 and prides itself on sourcing and working with local elements and creating unique jewellery that not only reflects the personality of its owner but provides a connection with a deeper and more meaningful world.

“We honour the fact that the elements that make a piece of jewellery come from the earth. It is a conduit which carries with it an exchange – be it emotional, energetic or simply beautiful to the eye,” G&J design consultant Jacinta Ciavarella says.

“When we are making a piece, we are honouring that piece. We take it through a cleansing ceremony and make sure that when it is carried outside of this store, it also takes with it a completely new and positive energy.”

As well as creating bespoke pieces, G&J also stocks some of the iconic brands including Thomas Sabo, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, Alex and Ani and Stow Lockets.

And whether it’s through the stunning jewellery itself, the water conduit at the rear of the shop, or the subtle scents and salt lamps scattered throughout, G&J will calm your heart, revitalise your spirit and adorn your soul with a new energy.

“This is not a store you’re walking past, it’s a destination. At the very least, you will leave with a renewed energy,” Suzy says.

Gems and Jewels is located at Shop 1, 424 Sturt Street, Ballarat. For more information, visit www.gemsandjewels.com.au