on February 07, 2017 Sovereign Hill

A realistic view of 19th century life

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IF YOU thought Sovereign Hill provided you with a realistic glimpse into goldfields life, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

The outdoor museum will this week launch two innovative and interactive experiences, allowing visitors to immerse themselves into the 1800s.

The first is the Gold Seekers app. The free app asks smartphone users to walk around Sovereign Hill where numerous iBeacons have been installed. Using proximity-sensing technology, the beacons activate the smartphones and immerse users in a unique goldfields tale.

With three different Gold Seeker trails, the experience provides an opportunity to delve right into the 19th century.

In addition to the Gold Seekers app, Sovereign Hill will launch its Bright Visions exhibition this week.

Based on thorough historical research, the exhibition introduces the real characters who travelled to the colony of Victoria in the 1850s.

Visitors will explore life on board ships sailing to the new world, a panoramic vision of ships at the docks and the arduous horse-and-cart journeys from port to the goldfields.

For all the info, visit sovereignhill.com.au