on February 08, 2017

6 national parks you have to visit

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HERE is a list of six elusive park areas you need to visit on your next visit to the region.

Ballarat and surrounds is full of beautiful hidden gems and stunning parklands to discover.

Here is a list of six secret spaces you need to see on your next visit to the region:

1. Union Jack Education Area

Located in Buninyong, this delightful bush reserve provides accessible walks for all ages. Take the Long Loop Walk which crosses over gullies and meanders along ridge tops. You’ll be in awe.

 2. Happy Valley Crossing Streamside Reserve

A beautiful streamside reserve 35 minutes from Ballarat, this space is perfect for the whole family. Take the kids and enjoy a couple of days camping and bring your doggies along too! Just make sure they’re on a lead.

3. Devils Kitchen Geological Reserve

This reserve has spectacular basalt columns, dramatic cliff lines and the resident Peregrine Falcon may even be sighted! It is only 30 minutes from Ballarat, along the Pitfield-Scarsdale road.

4. Enfield State Park

A popular spot with locals and visitors alike, the walks at the Enfield State Park offer a rich diversity of wildflowers including stunning native orchids. Try your hand at fossicking, just ensure you have your licence and check the map for the permitted areas.  Other great activities include horse riding, cycling and picnicking in the park.

5. Jubilee Historic Area

One of Victoria’s best preserved gold mining sites, this area is a great place to explore local gold mining history. Relics include old cyanide vats, mullock heaps, ruins and water races. While having a picnic, imagine this now quiet place packed with people trying to find their luck on the goldfields.

6. Canadian Regional Park

Situated right in Ballarat, this park offers great walks, views, wildflowers, birds and the chance to even spot a koala! Serenity doesn’t get much better.