on April 04, 2018 Sovereign Hill

5 ways to spend your holidays at Sovereign Hill

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SOVEREIGN Hill will come alive with school holiday fun over the next two weeks. Here's just some of the things to expect at the iconic outdoor museum.

1. Hunt for gold!

Rush to the diggings for the chance to discover a $250 gold nugget! There’s real gold in the creek and it’s ‘finders-keepers’. To be sure of finding some gold dust, simply buy a bag of washdirt for $10 from the Gold Tent. You will also receive a gold license and a bottle to store your gold. Not only will you be certain of panning out real gold, you may be lucky enough to find a $250 nugget hidden in your bag. So, grab a gold pan and ask one of our friendly diggers to give you some tips on striking it rich!

2. Little Red Robin Hood

The owners of the Victoria Theatre at Sovereign Hill can’t agree which story to tell, so they'll just tell both at the same time!

3. Craft activities 

Try your hand at some craft activities facilitated especially for the children. Create your own miners peg doll or colour in some of your favourite Sovereign Hill characters!

4. Meet the goldfields animals

Pigs, sheep and chickens - the holidays offer a chance for children and adults alike to meet the animals of the goldfields at 12.30pm each day. Meet at the pig pen for a special tour with the museum's animal handlers.

5. Meet the goldfields characters

Hunting for gold wasn’t the only way to make a fortune on the diggings. Check the blackboard in the Victoria Theatre foyer each day to find out when you can meet the Goldfields Characters and hear how they made their fortunes.