on February 14, 2017 White Night

4 reasons you should head to white night ballarat

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Here are four reasons why you need to visit Ballarat for White Night, according to festival director David Atkins.

Iconic architecture and boulevard streetscapes

“Ballarat is one of the most iconic architectural cities in Victoria. Its spectacular Gold Rush inspired Victorian architecture has been beautifully maintained and provides a perfect canvas for lighting and projection.

The splendid Boulevard styled streets also provide a great platform for performances, installations and public access. Finally, Ballarat has always had a thriving and well-supported arts community and a long love affair with the Arts.”

Installations in close proximity

“One of the most significant points of distinction between Melbourne’s White Night and Ballarat’s will be the impact of the projections and their proximity to each other. Lydiard and Sturt streets will boast 7 projection installations all within a few minutes of each other. In Melbourne this experience is separated by as much as 1-2 kilometres. In Ballarat you will be able to see and experience over 40 installations and performances within the two main streets and in a much more concentrated area than is the case in Melbourne.”

Bragging rights

“Being able to host an event of this scale and calibre places Ballarat amongst an elite group of international cities worldwide, and it will be the first regional city to host White Night. This is an accolade and credit that will be the envy of many other Victorian and Australian regional cities. The bragging rights of being the first will be unique to Ballarat and a great leverage for tourism and future events.”

An illumined experience

“Visitors to White Night Ballarat will get to experience the city in a whole new way. If you haven’t been to Ballarat it will be the perfect introduction and if you are a local or regular visitor you will experience the city in a whole new light – literally! You will have all the enjoyment of Melbourne’s White Night but with the added bonus of country hospitality and local artist engagement.”

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