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How to spend the winter school holidays in Ballarat

BALLARAT and winter are two words that go hand-in-hand, and the school holidays are the perfect time to explore all that our city has to offer.

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Where to find a fireplace in Ballarat

The wintry weather shouldn't deter you from walking along Ballarat's glistening streetscapes to explore the city's food and wine offerings this season...

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A hub of winter wonder

AS YOU enter the Ballarat CBD this winter, you'll be immersed in more than historic streetscapes and heritage buildings.

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5 things to do in Ballarat this Queen's Birthday long weekend

BALLARAT will host a series of festivals and events to keep everyone entertained this Queen's Birthday long weekend.

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Ballarat's best toasties

WINTER calls for some mouthwatering, warming toasties with all the melted cheese you could ever dream of.

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A day well spent at Creswick Woollen Mills

WE'RE about to give you five solid reasons why you should make the trip to Creswick and visit the award-winning Creswick Woollen Mills.

Sovereign Hill

Fashion exhibition showcases trends of yesteryear

A NEW fashion exhibition at Sovereign Hill's Gold Museum will provide a glimpse into the fashion trends of decades gone by.


Ballarat Wildlife Park welcomes meerkats to its family

THE Ballarat Wildlife Park has extended its family of furry friends, with the addition of six new meerkats!

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The top tea spots in Ballarat

THE WEATHER is cooling down. And when the weather cools down, sometimes all that's required is a warming cup of quality tea.


When history and contemporary combine

THERE'S a new kid on Ballarat's accommodation block, and it's begging to be discovered.