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The biggest ever showcase of Australian art

THE BIENNALE of Australian Art will transform Ballarat into a kaleidoscope of art, sculpture, music and installations this spring.

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Underbar - Ballarat's delectable eatery

THE NAME itself means "delectable, divine, gorgeous, great, lovely, marvelous, wonderful". But if that's not enough to convince you that Underbar is w...

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Ballarat's best laneway bars and spaces

BALLARAT'S historic laneways are one of its most prized features, especially since they lead to a space of culinary delights and artistic wonders.

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Three days of cycling in Ballarat

BALLARAT is a city renowned Australia-wide as a cycling hotspot. So when you visit our neck of the woods to experience the hype for yourself, here's h...


Earle Ballarat - Lascelles Terraces

THERE'S a couple of 19th century terraces in central Ballarat that pay tribute to the city's history while celebrating the nouveau. 

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How to spend your Royal South Street stay

THE renowned Royal South Street Competitions are set to kick-off in August, attracting thousands of visitors from near and far to Ballarat. If you're ...

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Unearthing truffles

There’s something quite special about truffles; their rarity, uniqueness of flavours and history, and whether you like them or not, the process of har...

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The Red Series - Celebrating our top drops

THE Ballarat Mining Exchange is set to transform into a haven of winter wine as part of The Red Series festival.


Catch the blazing Blood on the Southern Cross one last time

VISITORS to Sovereign Hill have a few days left to see Blood on the Southern Cross before the sound-and-light show packs up shop for several months.

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Ball Park Music hits Ballarat for exclusive show

TWO of Australia's most-loved indie bands are heading to Ballarat as part of their national tour, and tickets are on sale now!